Baker's products

The bread was never only a food, it has always been symbol of safety, welfare, and life…Our bakery nourishes the bread tradition.
The main raw material which is used for production of bread and baked dish is a special product of the mill. This type od flour has special and standard usage which enables the manufacture of high quality backery products.

Bakery production program has wide range of distinguished high quality and tasty products.


Rolled bread T-500

White bread made of fine white wheat high quality flour. It has crunchy crust and soft inside, pleasant smell and taste. It may be consumed with all kinds of Macedoninan national dishes.

Integral bread

Ideal choice for fans of tasty diet bread. Made of wheat T-500 flour, with ground flakes of the wheat seed, by which the content of natural vitamins, minerals and cellulose is enriched. It has no color additives.

Diet bread

Made of brown flour with ground flakes of the wheat seed, which makes it perfect component for diets. It has no color additives.

Bun, home made cake, extra cake

Very tasteful cakes of white wheat flour decorated with sesame. Ideal for your rich tables!

Bread with soya

It is made of brown wheat flour, soya flour and ground flakes of the wheat seed. It is recommended in diets for lowering blood cholesterol level. It lasts 5 days. It has no preservatives

Bread under iron cover for baking

Hand made, it reminds of homemade bread backed under iron cover for baking. It has soft and thick inside which is very delicious, long lasting, which is why it is very suitable for weekends. Indispensable with Macedonian national dishes.

Corn Bread

Delicious, with high nutrition value, made of mixture of wheat and corn flour. Beside the pleasant taste it has high nutrition value because of the corn flour, is rich in carbohydrates, proteins, sugar and minerals.

Rye mix bread

Made of rye and wheat flour with ground flakes of wheat seed. Because of its ingredients it has lower percentage of carbohydrates and is used in diets and is especially convenient for diabetics.

Graham bread

Diet product made of brown wheat flour and ground wheat seeds with special technological procedure. It has increased percentage of vitamins, minerals, cellulose, which regulates the metabolism.

White bread in moulds

It is made of white wheat flour, has soft and tasty inside and is ideal for the fans of white bread taste.

French bread

Has soft and tasty inside, crunch crust and is made in form of the original French bread. It can be used for preparing sandwiches for all kind of ceremonies.


Part of the baking assortment of Zito Polog Ltd are diverse kinds of pastries with salty and sweet taste, made of high quality wheat flour.

Homemade kolpite

Specialty of the Bakery Zito Polog Ltd is homemade kolpite, made of namensko flour according to traditional domestic receipt.

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What kind of bread you eat?