Mill Products

The brand of wheat flours of “Zito Polog is a leading brand on Macedonian market.
The mill products are made of 100% special wheat sorts with suitable quality. All flours have fine granulation and natural white color without any additives and whitening chemicals.


Tetovo intended flour

High quality flour made for burek, pies, and rinds of high quality. It is manufactured with selected quality wheat. The presence of ash is up to 0.4%, the dough is stabile, and is sturdy when shooting up, elastic, and easy for processing. It is suitable for drying and preparation of very thin rinds for burek, pies, and rinds. Available in package of 25 kg



Flour T-400

Intended for preparation of all kinds of pastries and cookies.T-400 is extra white flour, with fine granulation and ash up to 0.4%.The dough is easily prepared, it shoots up well and the cooked products have great volume, soft inside, pleasant taste and aroma.
Available in packages of 1kg, 2kg, 5kg and 25kg.

Flour T-500

Manufactured with special technological procedure with presence of ash up to 0.5 %. The products have soft inside, crunchy crust, great volume and special taste and aroma. It is ideal for baking, cookies, bread, pies, baked products etc. Available in package of 25 kg



Pelagonija Flour T-400

This kind of flour is especially suitable for making buns, pies, doughnuts, cookies, croissants, tea-cakes, etc.

The presence of ash is up to 0.45%.It is available in packages of 1kg, 25kg.

Pelagonija flour T-500

Ideal raw material for preparation of standard and special bakery products in industry. Presence of ash is up to 0.55%.available in package of 25kg.



Flour T-850

For manufacturing of this kind of flour, sorts of corn with special rheological features are used. This selection of raw materials enables the production of flour rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates; the presence of ash is up to 0.75%. T-850 is real choice in manufacture of bakery products with high nutrition value. Available in package of 25kg.

Integral flour

It is produced with grinding of 100% wheat seed with no additives or colors. Integral flour has high biological and nutritive value since it is rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes, natural cellulose. It is used separately or in combination with other types of flour. Available in package of 25kg.



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