About Us

The basic occupation in the AD (Shareholding Company) “Zhito Polog” Tetovo includes production of mill products. It has accommodating facilities for cereals.

Following the current market movements, following the requirements and more refined consumers’ taste, the AD “Zhito Polog” is exclusively oriented toward production of the best quality products. That is achieved by excellent technical equipment of the production facilities, which are prepared for constantly following the development of modern technology, additional education of the professional staff as well as overall leading of the management team.

The production and the distribution are realized by implemented NASSR system according the Law in R.S.M., which guarantees consumers’ health safety.

We create professional relations toward the suppliers of the necessary raw materials and semi-processed materials, in order fulfilling the requirements regarding the quality of our products.

“Zhito Polog” AD has got dominant market participation in our country as well as the pleasure and loyalty from costumers.

The tradition continues

The first mill in the Polog region which dates from year 1903 it’s the beginning of today’s Company “Zhito Polog” AD – Tetovo.
At the beginning of the 1960s are built the first wheat silos and the mill’s facility which is located on the Company’s current location.
A complete reconstruction has been accomplished in1998 and it has been installed the most modern BÜHLER technological equipment.
During the 1960s has started to work the Industrial Bakery. Equipped with 2 industrial solutions Minel and Gostol (installed in year 2000).

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