Homemade Passta

Pasta “Tetovski” with eggs are perfect solution for all tables even for the most demanding consumers. With the expressed yellow color and their specific taste these pasta are recognizable and favorite toward the consumers many years ago.

They are made according to traditional recipe and exclusively from three components:

  • High-quality wheat semolina T – 400 a product from our mill
  • 15 % fresh eggs
  • Water

These pasta are rich with proteins, carbohydrates, the same have high energy value and are easy to boil.

Fide so jajca
Tetovski homemade noodles with eggs

Our recipe:
Vegetable soup

In previously boiled water with a little salt, spice and oil put carrots and broccoli chopped in small pieces.

Boil all the ingredients about 15 minutes.
Then add the noodles and boil them together about 9 minutes.

Before serving the soup add small pieces chopped parsley.

Makaroni so jajca
Tetovski homemade pasta with eggs

Our recipe:
Baked pasta for 4 people

  • 500 gr pasta
  • 1 l sparkling water
  • 0,5 l milk
  • 0,1 l oil
  • 300 gr cheese
  • 2 eggs
  • Salt
Jufki so jajca
Tetovski homemade jufki (sort of noodles) with eggs

Our recipe:
Baked jufki (noodles) for 4 people

  • 500 gr jufki
  • 1l sparkling water
  • 0,5 l milk
  • 0,1 l oil
  • 300 gr cheese
  • 2 eggs
  • Salt

Put all the ingredients in a shallow dish and bake it 1 hour on 250 °C until the liquid disappears.

Posni jufki
Tetovski homemade jufki (sort of noodles) – lean

Our recipe:
Garnished pasta for 4 people

Boil 500 gr lean pasta – jufki with salt and oil

Fry two onions chopped in small pieces until they change their color and add 350 gr chopped mushrooms, spice and pepper.

Add the garnish in previously boiled lean pasta –jufki.

For decoration you can use some ketchup.

Tarana so jajca
Tetovka homemade tarana (dry grated dough) with eggs

Our recipe:
Salad with tarana

  • 500 gr tarana
  • 750 gr tuna
  • 300 gr chopped pickles
  • 300 gr chopped champignons
  • Lemon juice and olive oil

Mix all the ingredients and decorate the salad with olives.